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Wednesday, August 01, 2007





“With 9/11 marking the destruction of the World Trade Center, a new form of warfare has launched: fanatical human beings used as tactical weapons. This phenomenon of “Islamic kamikazes” has spread throughout the world, yet, Israel has overwhelmingly suffered the most from these shocking terrorist acts.

“Suicide Killers” seeks to answer some crucial questions: how can this phenomenon be explained? How can human beings strap an explosive belt around their bodies, walk into a place full of civilians and, in cold blood, detonate the bombs they carry?

In-depth inquiries are made through interviewing both survivors of bombings, would-be bombers jailed in Israeli prisons, as well as jailed terrorists who facilitate these suicide bombings. IN a dramatic twist, the film follows a “bomber on the loose” – a martyr preparing for a suicide mission is captured through the filmmaker’s lenses! Female bombers are also featured with startling honesty as to their determination in martyr success. Prominent experts in sociology, psychology, religion, the law and also sexuality give their views on this terrifying new trend.

It becomes clear that the overwhelming preoccupation of young men who live in a stifling society with very strict sexual codes are promised 72 virgins if they die as martyrs is, indeed, SEX. Another aspect is the clash of civilizations witnessed here with the contrast of the freedom women enjoy in Israel and the severe restrictions they live under in countries that live by Islamic rule.

The psychopathology of these perpetrators, regarded as “freedom fighters” and “martyrs” is unraveled in a thriller approach. The film goes for beyond the shallow view that these “martyrs” are “victims” without any choices. Instead this film shares insight that these people are the products of their male-oriented society, of a religion that relegates women to being second-class citizens.”

Coming to WSU soon...


Nic said...

so the nation of Islam just needs more sex?... interesting theory.

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...


In a certain sense. I don't know if the film goes into it or not, but it has been suggested before that polygamous societies would be more likely to produce frustrated, suicidal males since some men will end up with more wives, meaning other men simple will not. Add to that scenario the promise of a paradise full of women for a would-be martyr and you have young men blowing themselves up in cafes.

It's either that or it is that they really are just pure evil.

I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt via a little evolutionary psychology.

Nic said...

I can see it... I mean, I live in Pullman and am older than a college student, but younger than a retiree... so there's not much out there in my demographic... albeit, I haven't thought about strapping home-made c4 to myself, but, then again, I haven't been here all that long either.

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...


And you know that there's a reasonable chance of your situation changing.

Were it otherwise, that you pretty much knew that you were to be stuck going without, maybe then things would get ugly.

It does inspire one to sympathy for the devil.

April E. Coggins said...

To improve your dating chances, I suggest you stop hanging out with leftists. They are the single man's demographic nightmare. Angry feminists with a high percentage of lesbian/transgenders. Not that there is anything wrong with that......