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Saturday, August 04, 2007

The New America

This is a rant about the pinko commie "sport" we know as soccer.

This can't possibly be a home game. Nearly all the fans are cheering against the home team.

On many levels, the symbolism is powerful as the L.A. Galaxy succumbs to Mexican powerhouse CD Guadalajara -- better known as Chivas -- in the SuperLiga [what in the world is that?] last weekend.

For one, the vast majority of the 37,373 fans on hand speak Spanish as a first language. That's a rapidly growing, soccer-loving part -- 42 million strong -- of the new America.

And, finally, the crowd takes great relish in hooting and hounding the team from the U.S.

So let me get this straight (unlike Soccer's non-straight players) a large group of Spanish speaking people went to a soccer game in America and rooted for the Mexican team... and we are to believe that we are in a NEW America that now likes soccer?

Tighten up the borders and see if that is still the case. I wonder how many of these 42 million are legal Americans.

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Michael said...

I don't recall who originally said it, but I was listening to commentary after another European soccer riot. The commentator was speculating that soccer fans riot for the same reason that prisoners in a maximum security lockup riot - out of boredom.
I actually watched the World Cup finals last year with some South American friends and I was appalled the game ended 0-0 after an overtime or two. I don't recall, I was nodding off by that time.
They finally settled the game in a shootout, where each team takes penalty kicks at the opposition's goal. I don't recall who won, only that Franch lost (yippee!).
But, can you imagine that? The championship of the entire world settled on a shootout! That would be like deciding the World Series on a home run derby, or the Super Bowl with a punt, pass and kick competition.
I'm convinced that one of the major reasons that the rest of the world lags behind the US is because they play soccer. If soccer were to become the dominant sport in this country, we'd be well on our way to collecting European-style moss and cobwebs. And we wouldn't even have any 1000 castles to remind us of our good old days.
I hate soccer