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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Castro and Europinkos Agree - Vote Hillary

It's not just Fidel who wants to see Hillary win in '08.

The French and Germans agree with the Cuban thugocrat.

More than four in 10 French and Germans would like to see Democratic candidate and former first lady Hillary Clinton elected US president in 2008, a survey by a Canadian pollster showed on Wednesday.

The Angus Reid institute also found Clinton to be the preferred candidate of British, Italian and Canadian respondents to its poll, which asked them to choose between eight of the US politicians running for the nomination.

Of course, the French and the Germans wanted John Effing Kerry to win too. And, I'm sure we know who Osama wants.

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Barenjager said...

Of course they want her. They know they can afford to pay her more than the Chinese and get more favorable treatment. Look at all the computer and rocket technology the Clintons sold for a lousy couple of hundred thousand. Imagine what Germany can afford. I'd bet a cabinet seat isn't out of the question.