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Friday, August 31, 2007

Upcoming NRA Banquet

At the of offending the 314th Hector, The NRA will be holding it's annual Friends of the NRA Banquet on Thursday, September 20 in Moscow.

Deadline for the Early Bird Drawing entries is tomorrow midnight, Sept. 1.

If you recruit a new attendee (never been to our banquet before), both you and your newbie get entered in a drawing for a SIG .22 pistol!!

If you need tickets call Jeremy Lessmann (509)330-1822.


Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

Hey now! I've never been, so recruit me and let's take a crack at that pistol. :)

How much are the tickets?

MD said...

Hmm, maybe I should go and get in touch with a few NRA members, I'm in limbo regarding firearms as I'm A resident Alien with a green card, so apparently WA State is allowed to trump the 14th amendment with an Alien Firearms license.. okay, fine, but what burns my backside is they no longer issue the licenses... so if I move 10 minutes down the street to Idaho, no problem, I can have my guns back, otherwise, my guns stay at my friends place down the street... LAME!

Satanic Mechanic said...

MD my crew chief. Kamala the Ethiopian head hunter and myself went to one of these a couple years ago. Contact Dan B. our ammo supplier to get free tickets since he is in the NRA 4 Life.
Usually bring some additional money since they have other contests. Last time I was there, the contest ticket cost $20.
I kind of screwed up when I was there, I was asked Charleton Heston's famous quote and I said "Get your stinking paws off of me you damn dirty ape!". Some people laughed even though it was the wrong quote.

Michael said...

I bought you a ticket Paul - $30.

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

Michael -

Alright. I'll have cash in hand for you at the event. Thanks!

Michael said...

Attire is black tie with matching gun leather.
Actually, dress is pretty casual. A shooting vest would be ideal.