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Monday, August 20, 2007

IKEA: Swedish for Hypocrisy

Talk about an ugly box.

Based on all the comments I have been receiving on the blog and in person about IKEA, I thought I would post this roundup of commentary on the Portland IKEA hypocrisy.

First, Ken at Upper Left Coast deconstructs the Willamette Week's elitist tripe the way only a former newspaper reporter can do.

Secondly, national talk radio host Lars Larson (heard on the Palouse in the afternoons on KMAX) examines the differences between IKEA and Wal-Mart and concludes there aren't any.

The Portland Tribune has more on some leftist Portlanders who were made a little queasy by the Swedish meatballs.

Lastly, there is the excellent, How does Portland spell Hypocrite? - I K E A! (Part 1) and Ikea and Portland (Part 2) over at NW Republican. Dare! PDX sums it up well:
What really gets me is the final "Conclusion" analysis by W-Week:

"Ikea seems ahead of the curve on issues people care about."

What, is this a fourth grade book report? Wal-Mart is ahead of the curve on alot of stuff people care about a well. The difference is that Ikea is prefered by gay, single and financially well off City Commissioners and Wal-Mart prefered by east-Multnomah County working class families and Hillsboro Soccer moms. How about the reality - Ikea sells cooler crap that's normally cost a heck of alot more - ya-hooo cheap euro-crap for your overpriced Portland apartments.
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