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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Suspicious Behavior - By Seattle Newspapers

The FBI is looking for two men who have been "acting strangely" while riding on Washington State Ferries.

No doubt the FBI's work would be made easier if Seattle newspapers would simply publish photos of the suspects - but they won't. Political correctness and simple fear are the likely reasons.

No Charlie Sierras here.

And kudos to King 5 for having the stones to put the pix up on their website.


Tom Forbes said...

Terrorist dry runs are certainly nothing new:

Incidents at U.S. Airports May Suggest Possible Pre-Attack Probing

Report: Homeland Security Document Details Possible Terrorist Dry Run

Terror Plot Suspects Planned 'Dry-Run' of Attacks in Next 2 Days, Sources Say

But after the Flying Imams lawsuit it's a wonder anyone would say anything about the ferry passengers.

My family and I were on board a Northwest Airlines flight from Minneapolis to Baltimore back on March 2005. In the terminal before the flight, three Middle Eastern looking men were acting very suspiciously. They were sitting far apart but constantly gave each other glances and made hand gestures. One of them kept doing exagerrated stretching exercises over and over again. On the plane, they were seated together in the same row and acted as if they knew each other well, even though in the terminal they had not sat together. I'm not one to easily panic or overreact, but that was the most nervous I have been while flying since 9/11.

Truth said...

Of course posting the pictures can also allow people to help the police in their search for those people and can insure that if they are scouting something out on the ferries they will be under much heavier scrutiny and, if they were planning to do something, knowing the police are after them would hopefully deter them. Not to mention of course, that it was almost assuredly the police who gave the newspapers the pictures, and they wouldnt have done that if they were so worried about them getting published.

MD said...

Tom, the same thing happened just North in BC Canada, at the end of July, my father in law was held up in Vancouver as someone did call in a bomb threat to BC Ferries.

People will just laugh off "they found a bag of sparklers", quite honestly large bundles (couple hundred)of sparklers makes for an impressive fireball when lit.

Tom Forbes said...

Michael, I can't vouch for RFK Jr. ever visiting here, but I can state categorically that the Seattle PI visited this post at 5:33:17 PM today.