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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Would using microlending effectively reduce illegal immigration?

[Cross-posted from Versus the Mob]

I've been using and promoting Kiva.org for some time, here and elsewhere. I've posted an article on Helium.com that I've entitled, "Would using microlending effectively reduce illegal immigration?," which explains the motivation and method behind my particular bit of lending through that fine organization. Here is a piece of it:
"I had been making microloans through Kiva for some time when the idea occurred to me that this could be a constructive response to our national border security crises. I do not think it unreasonable to assert that the majority of us who want to see our borders enforced generally do not begrudge others of their hard earned money and their desire to improve their own lives; we are simply offended by the disregard some hold for the laws we choose for ourselves as a sovereign nation and people. Therefore, I suspect that there are many like me who will recognize the constructive, long-term solution to the pressure on our borders that microlending could represent: while we ought to demand that our national sovereignty be respected by both foreign individuals and governments, let us not deny that lack of opportunity is what drives many to our shores and not simply a desire to break our laws, and then let us as individuals seek to help foreign entrepreneurs by aiding the development of their own domestic opportunities through providing capital for new business there, all the while refusing to excuse unlawful behavior here."

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