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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Advice to WSU's College Republicans

Actually, I think that our local chapter has already figured all of this out. But, it's always nice to receive confirmation that you've been doing the right thing all along. Kinda like those warnings on a super glue tube that discourage gluing your eyelids together.

For example, here's step one.
1. Get a sense of humor. Most liberal profs and student activists are a screeching, nerve grating, nasally bunch of whiners. As a matter of fact, I’d rather watch Janet Reno do jumping jacks and hack squats in Borat’s thong than listen to the hemp clothed, goatee bearing, chunky liberal bleat.

Therefore, conservative student, when you queue up to address your crowd, be pleasant, poke fun at yourself, remove the whine from your voice and use honed humor to humiliate the left. Getting folks to laugh at your opponents and not being rabid about taking yourself so seriously helps get your point across. To upgrade your general funniness, get Judy Carter’s book, Stand Up Comedy.

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Daniel F Schanze said...

Yes, thank you for the advice. Liberals have come to our meetings and have been taken back on how relaxed we are... as opposed to our game faces at such events as the "Fence."

We always try to keep a light hearted mood. I tend to be slightly sarcastic. It has been smooth sailing for the most part. The YD's are a non-issue, I have only seen them on campus 3 times since I have been going to WSU.

I can't wait to share our considerable agenda with Palousitics.

"Let the games begin, oaaaahhhh!!!"