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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Neutered Society

A mom beat her ten year-old son in a store in Arizona.

What is a shame is the fact that no one did anything to stop it. People took photos. People called 911. But no one stepped up. No one stopped it.

We are told so often to not do anything, except for calling 911, that no one seems to be able to help himself or help someone in need.

A guy on TV says that people "did something about it". What a joke. Calling 911 is not doing something about a little boy getting beating with a closed fist and bleeding.

What a sad statement on society.


Satanic Mechanic said...

You are so right. Two weeks ago there was a big wreck south of Colfax. You probably got called out to it. One of my friends, Annette Miller, saw the crash and dragged out one of the drivers from the burning vehicle while a dozen people stood around and gawked/watched.
The people standing must think that this is television or they are afraid of getting sued.
Off-topic- when is the PES coming back on the air?

Scotty said...

The PES should be back on the air in the middle of September. I plan on coming back to the same time slot, noon-two pm on Mondays.