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Thursday, August 23, 2007

I've Been Simpsonized!

My son and I finally went to see "The Simpsons Movie" last Sunday night. I've been a "Simpsons" fan since the beginning of the show some 18 years ago.

I thought the movie was pretty good. It manages to offend all political ideologies, races, creeds, faiths, etc. which is why I guess I like "The Simpsons." It's so politically incorrect.

Anyhoo, Burger King has a website where you can upload a photo of yourself and get "Simpsonized." This was my result. Pretty close actually. Now all they need to do is a "Simpsons" episode about Homer getting hooked up with a crazy right-wing blogger that brings a Sprawl-Mart Supercenter to Springfield which ends up destroying the town.

If you do it, e-mail me your results and I'll post them.

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