Politics from the Palouse to Puget Sound

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Update on Old Navy and Bed, Bath & Beyond

Just got back from the Palouse Mall (kinda like seeing Star Wars the first day it opens). The parking lot looked more like a Saturday afternoon in December than a Wednesday evening in August.

Contrary to what the Daily News had reported, Bed, Bath & Beyond opened today as well. As I figured, both stores were swarming with customers, particularly college students. The cashier at Old Navy said that earlier in the day, the lines to check out were out the door.


April E. Coggins said...

It makes me sick that we are now missing out on two years of back-to-school shopping and what will be three years of Christmas sales. I guess it's better to starve Pullman merchants and the City of Pullman to serve the liberals of Moscow and the UFCW. I am dismayed by those PARD members who claim to be protecting me. Reminiscent of Jason Rogers at the Wal-Mart hearings, where is my check from PARD?

Tom Forbes said...

Yep, Mayor Moonbat or not, Moscow is still riding high in retail on the Palouse. We get Snap 24-7 Fitness, which is nice and all, but is not even in the same universe as Old Navy and Bed, Bath & Beyond.