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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where in the World is Chuckie Sandiego?

Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of worthless comparisons of exotic foreign locales to Pullman… the thrill of erudite cosmopolitanism… and the agony of plebeian Wal-Marts… the human drama of preening intellectualism… this is Chuck Pezeshki's's Wide World of Socialism!

Chuck "Mr. Civil Discourse" Pezeshki was back today in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News with another travelogue, informing us that
Only a couple of weekends ago, as I sat in my hotel in New Hampshire, next to the seacoast, drinking bottled water because of the salinity of the tap water, I couldn't help but think of this inherent blessing of our region.
Pezeshki then proceeds to skewer the Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee for not joining in the leftist hysteria about water on the Palouse and failing to implement a complete moratorium on growth. I knew it would too much for him to chide the greenies in Moscow on their latest stormwater hypocrisy.

I won't bore you with Pezeshki's standard arrogant, anti-growth drivel.

However, this paragraph is quite illuminating:
For many years, PBAC was led by Larry Kirkland, a nonlicensed geologist and self-proclaimed Young Earth Creationist. The water in the Grande Ronde aquifer is estimated to be somewhere between 23,000 and 12,000 years Before Present - a resource that exists totally out of Kirkland's viewpoint as someone who thinks the world is only 6,000 years old.
Now, that's what I call civil discourse. Impugn a man's professional credentials, and even better, his religious views. Pezeshki couldn't be bothered to provide facts or logic to support his allegation. He also didn't bother providing any proof on how Kirkland's beliefs have anything to do with the science of the aquifer or how they affected his perfomance at PBAC. Even Chuck said "it is estimated." It's the classic Straw Man Fallacy. For a liberal, if Kirkland's a Christian, he can't possibly know anything about science and all his views about water MUST be wrong..

Guess what, Chuck? You're not a licensed geologist either. And neither is Mark Solomon. Yet that doesn't stop Solomon from pontificating endlessly about water issues on the Palouse, heading his own little "water conservation metwork," being hired to conduct an aquifer study for Latah County, and trying to halt all development in the Pullman-Moscow Corridor. Your statement about Kirkland's beliefs are as disgusting and bigoted as if someone wrote that Mark Solomon was not qualified to speak about the aquifers because he is Jewish.

Gotta give Pezeshki some points for chutzpah though. As a professor and Past Chairman of the WSU Faculty Senate, he took a swipe at his employer's "monster golf course."


April E. Coggins said...

Since when has Chuck ever made any sense? His record speaks for itself. He is against the blue sky, green grass, wheat farmers, chemicals, water users, local business, free speech and America. He is for abusive professors and France. Chuck is the guy who sees Mother Teresa as a prolonger of certain death.

Tom Forbes said...

Well, we'll see if Mr. Civil Discourse will show up tomorrow night for the planned WSU Golf Course Public Forum at 7:00 PM in the Neill Public Library, or if he is just a lot of talk and a passport.

April E. Coggins said...

Tom, are suggesting a right-wing sit-in? You know, the ones where we sit in chairs and wait to be called on before we voice our opinions? Or is that too radical for Pullman?

Tom Forbes said...

I think Jason Rogers and PARD found out at the second Wal-Mart hearing in January 2006 how "radical" we can be when we are not allowed to speak.

Barenjager said...

You should all attend and be visible and vocal in your support of the golf course whether you care about the course or not. If the antis win any battle, they will use it as a recruiting tool and rallying point in the water wars.

Tom Forbes said...

It's interesting that the WSU Golf Course is only being opposed by WSU employees and Mark Solomon.

Barenjager said...

Be fair, Tom. It's only an EXTREMELY small number of WSU employees. Scotty's got a bug up his behind because the university desecrated his precious "Roundtop Park" and is using the water issue in a last ditch attempt to extract a pound of flesh. The others are just a bunch of braying jackasses who'll latch on to any cause. You know; Democrats, socialists and other loonie lefties!

Tom Forbes said...

You're right. I was only implying that there was no opposition to the golf course in the actual community of Pullman, just the opposite in fact. The golf course enjoys wide support among non-university residents.

It is always those same braying jackasses that oppose everything.

Barenjager said...

Want to place a small wager on which ones will show up at the meeting tonight?

April E. Coggins said...

I can't quite understand the purpose of the "forum." The golf course is too far along to give up and all this meeting does is give a victim platform to those who thrive on controversy and attention. It will accomplish nothing except give a few people a reason to fight on. It's a dumb political move.

Tom Forbes said...

I agree. The Department of Ecology has already approved of the irrigation plan. It is highly, highly, highly unlikely that any lawsuit will reverse that now.

The state, unlike private business, controls all the mechanisms of regulation and almost always gets what it wants.

The decision has been made and the project is nearly complete. Why allow more bloviating? I believe in gathering public input, but only when it is actually meaningful. At some point, you pull the trigger and that's that. The bullet can't be called back. Like with Wal-Mart, all this eleventh hour hair-pulling is ridiculous.

Barenjager said...
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Barenjager said...

The golf course meeting went well last night. The overwhelming majority of the crowd was supportive of WSU and the course.

WSU officials including Greg Royer, Mel Taylor and Keith Bloom were well prepared with a good visual presentation. Everyone in the audience who desired was given a chance to speak and the meeting moved along at a good clip.

Mayor Johnson, council members Bloom and Sorensen, Chamber of Commerce Director Hughes and others did a great job of representing the city and business community's views.

Local businessman Jeff Motley drew the evening's greatest response by far when he declared his support and made the statement (speaking for the community) "We deserve this golf course." Everyone but the hard core opponents applauded.

The opposition consisted of the usual collection of local anti-everything folks and some amusing imports.

Tom Forbes said...

Barenjager, can you repost this under the story from the Tribune so people won't miss it?