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Friday, August 31, 2007

"Pulling out sends the wrong signal; Long-term benefits of staying outweigh short-term benefits of withdrawal"

Last year, two WSU Young Democrats were opinion writers for the Daily Evergreen. There seems to be no shortage of Evergreen op-ed writers again this year suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome either, but I was heartened to notice today that not one, but two conservative student commentators, including Alex Williams, a member of the WSU College Republicans, are writing columns for the Evergreen.

The first column by Graham Dart is titled "Tales of Bush's tyranny overstated; Wild comparisons need to be reigned in" and does a great job addressing the constant argumentum ad Nazium/reductio ad Hitlerum arguments favored by campus moonbats and the Department of Comparative Ethnic Studies.

Alex's column details an event the CRs held Wednesday on Glenn Terrell Mall. C'mon guys, post some stories and pics here on the blog! It sounds very interesting:
This being my first column in this newspaper, I would like to introduce myself as a conservative voice for The Daily Evergreen. Here are a few things to expect from me in my future columns:

First and foremost there will be no “Bush Bashing” – the election is over and has been for a long time. Get over it and move on. There is always 2008 (good luck with that, Hillary).

“Mr. Bush” shall be known as President Bush, just as I still call John Kerry a distinguished lieutenant for firing his M-16 blindly into the water and getting shrapnel in his arm.

You will actually hear the other side of current issues; believe it or not everything you read in the liberal media is not always right. I encourage you to read both sides of issues and decide for yourself.

Other things that I will tend to write about are the political movements on the WSU campus itself. This leads me to my first topic of the year – the College Republicans’ “Safe Sex Drive,” where they promoted that the “Pull-Out Method” is ineffective pertaining to the war in Iraq.

On Wednesday, the WSU College Republicans (0f which I am a member) held a “Safe Sex Drive” on the Glenn Terrell Mall expressing their beliefs on how the United States must stick with their current plan in Iraq and not pull out until the job is finished. The pull out method simply does not work.

The military has been in Iraq too long and put so much time, effort, money and lives into the war on terror that it simply is illogical to withdraw all the troops at once at this point in time. Pulling out would cause the democratic government currently set up to collapse, giving Iraqi insurgents and terrorists the chance to overthrow the current Iraqi government. This would be a complete disaster and put innocent people in imminent danger. The United States has accomplished too much by freeing the country of Iraq from one of the most brutal dictators in the modern world. Why make the irrational decision to leave with the job half done?

Heartless or stupid you may call me. Well guess what? Whether you believe the war in Iraq is just or not, we are part of it. Just like many people here on campus, I too have family overseas and want nothing more than for them to come home safely. However, I have come to the realization that in order for the soldiers to ever come home we must do what is right. We must finish the task at hand ensuring that the Iraqi people can have a little something that we call freedom, and freedom is never free.


Michael said...

BTW, congrats to the College Republicans for their clever safe sex/don't pull out demonstration earlier this week.

Truth said...

I agree with him, we can't just pull out of Iraq. By the same token however we can't continue with the same policy we have now because 1) We don't have the troops to sustain the surge indefinetly and 2) because the violence wont stop until some form of political stability is achieved. And to me the fact that we have not been focused on finding ways to encourage that political stability (be it through benchmarks or some other way) is one of the major failures of our policy in Iraq.

Michael said...

"We don't have the troops to sustain the surge indefinetly" (sic).
Are you advocating a draft?

Truth said...

Not at all, I just wanted to point out that while the surge has increased security it cannot be maintained.

April E. Coggins said...
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