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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blonde Female Jaywalkers

When someone walks across the street against the traffic signal or where there is no crosswalk that is commonly referred to as "jaywalking".

Many times as I drive around I will see someone jaywalk. Most of the time when someone starts to jaywalk and he see a car he will yield the right-of-way to the car.

There have been two instances in the last week where a blonde female jaywalked and glared at me, as the driver.

The first instance was in Moscow (where I was spending my money buying thing I couldn't buy in Pullman). Two Barbie Doll-like blondes started to walk across the road, in a crosswalk, but started into the intersection when the crosswalk signal said "Don't Walk". They did anyway. But when the light turned green they were in the middle of the intersection. Oops! Most people would make an effort to quickly clear the roadway.

Nope, not these two little sorority girls. They didn't even pick up the pace. They kept strolling across the street like the world needed to stop for them. They actually glared at me as my big full-size Dodge Ram V8 Hemi gas guzzling pickup truck started to move towards them.

Then today on Greek row on campus three sorority blondes were walking back from class. When you're Greek the world DOES stop for you, especially when you're daddy's little girl.

One of the blondes strolled out onto the roadway, jaywalking in front of my truck. This time I was in the Bumblebee, a 1980 Toyota 4x4 with a small engine, but it still manages to only get 14 miles to a gallon. Nonetheless, she walks out in front of me. Not that she was already crossing the street in the middle of a block, she walked out in front of me. Her two friends, who obviously were gifted with some extra brain cells decided walking in front of a car was not a good idea. They obviously realize that being a blonde daddy's girl doesn't stop the laws of natural, even if you think it should.

The one girl who crossed in front of me then turns and gives me a look like I am doing something wrong. Obviously my existence in the same world as her is an inconvenience for her as I was holding up her friends from crossing.

I stopped so I did not run over the brain dead blonde. I made eye contact with the other two blondes who have brain cells, letting them know they could also cross. They waved and moved on. The other blonde, just sneered and finished crossing the road.

Yesterday someone was hit by a car by ValHalla. There has been letters to the editor about cars and pedestrians and possible accidents. With the attitude that the world revolves around these people, accidents will happen. Someone will get hurt. It would be sad in most cases, but I can think of a couple blondes who getting tapped by a car might make them realize that the object with the most mass will win in a collision.


Tom Forbes said...

She wasn't one of them, was she?

The "Bumblebee?" I've got to see you driving that!

Satanic Mechanic said...

Ah yes, the blonde clones. Just as bad as the frat boys that all wear the same shirts, talk as loud as they can and walk four abreast in store aisles or sidewalks. Their favorite line is "Hey dude, I forgot my ID, can you buy me a six-pack of Bud?".
I have a mechanical solution to problem, put a brush guard on your pickup, it works for deer and students.

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

I've had the same experience, many times.

I guess there's something these kids know about a Ford F250 with an extended cab and two 100 gallon spray tanks in the back that I don't, because I've been under the impression that I CAN'T stop it on a dime.

April E. Coggins said...

Since I don't quite understand the blonde female connection, I think it is interesting that I watched a brunette, middle aged male stagger across Grand Avenue in front of traffic. He was going from bar to bar, trying to find someone who would serve him. Using the logic of this thread, I can only assume that all middle aged, brunette males are drunks with a death wish.

Tom Forbes said...


Shhhhh, April. I was looking for a contact that I had lost.

Michael said...

The strongest evidence that I can point to that contradicts Darwin's theory of evolution is the worsening stupidity of Pullman's jaywalkers. I have never lived in or even visited a town where so many people simply step into a road without so much as a glance at traffic. The problem has worsened in the past decade as so many people perform this stunt while talking a cell phone. If the hand of Darwin were at work, these inferior examples of the species would have been culled long ago.

April E. Coggins said...

Maybe schools are so busy teaching safe sex and how to put a condom on a banana that children no longer learn how to safely cross a street.

Will G said...

I agree with the jaywalking problem that occurs around town. I am a little taken aback by the attitude of a couple of bloggers regarding fraternity and sorority members. I don't think being a member of a fraternal organization has any bearing on the likelyhood of a person to jaywalk. Is there some reason for the animosity? Did they do something to you to upset you so? Just curious...