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Monday, August 13, 2007

Shopping Money...

In the online version of the Daily News, there are two photographs. What is more interesting that what the photos show, is what

the captions of the photos read. In each photograph there are WSU students doing their shopping in Moscow. Shopping for those items that can only be purchased in Moscow, you ask? Nope.

Groceries. Lumber.

Our shopping base needs to be expanded. We need to have some sort of business location where people can do their shopping. Wouldn't it be nice if on Bishop Blvd you could find everything that you need?

Lumber, cheap crap made in China, hardware, parking lot parties, groceries, sterile deer... You get the picture.

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April E. Coggins said...

Scotty: I thought of Greg (who me study?) Hooks, when he dismissed Wal-Mart's economic impact study because he believes that students don't spend any money here. According to Professor Hooks, students either buy on the Internet or they bring everything with them. Students have no positive economic impact on Pullman or Moscow. PARD and Dr. Hooks believe that students are a detriment to Pullman due to the cost of extra law enforcement that will be necessary to stop all the student shop-lifting and drunken parties that will ensue under Wal-Mart's bright lights, which will be brighter than several football stadiums. So bright in fact, testicles will shrink leading college men to be no longer interested in sex.