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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Religion Rights are NOT Human Rights

Nice thing about those in Latah County and Moscow, is that I learn from them all the time. I learned causing harm to a stream is okay if Moscow does it. I learned that you can overuse water, as long as you complain about someone *else* doing it. This goes along with carbon offsets. You can overuse, as long as you are smug about it. You can cut down the trees on your property, as long as you make an issue about someone else doing it. Do as I say, not as I do.

I learn a lot from Moscow and Latah county, and I have now learned thatreligion rights are not human rights.
Religion has no part in process

A dispatcher from the Latah County Sheriff's Office posted a message to her church's e-mail list regarding job openings suitable for "good Christian men." In response to concern by members of the Latah County Human Rights Task Force, Lois Blackburn and I visited with Sheriff Wayne Rausch on Aug. 17. We were pleased he was willing to discuss this matter with us. We learned he had written a letter of correction to the dispatcher, who had apologized.

We assured Rausch the concern we expressed did not relate to the particular church that was contacted, but rather the principle that religious affiliation should never be a part of a job search and that it is unconstitutional to have a religious test for hiring. Our concern is to maintain the separation of church and state and to assure Latah County residents that people of all religions or no religion are welcome to apply for government positions and all will be treated equally and fairly.

Rausch assured us religious affiliation is not a part of the hiring process. We also believe he understands that it is inappropriate for religion to be discussed by his government employees relative to their professional work, and contacting any church regarding open positions and discussing the religion of the people in office gives the wrong impression to our community.

We asked the Sheriff to explore ways to contact the media to clarify his policies regarding this matter, and he agreed to do so. (Opinion, Aug. 21)

Joann Muneta, chair, Latah County Human
Rights Task Force, Moscow
When I read this message I am so shocked to see that it is not about protecting *everyones* human rights. What about the human rights of the person who posted a job notice to fellow worshippers? Does he not have human rights? Do human right exist for Christians? Why did the Sheriff even meet with these people and give them credibility? He should have said that any of his people can, via word of mouth, announce job openings.

This whole thing sickens me like you would not believe.

I need The PES!

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Mr. C. said...

When you are a liberal, you only support rights that you agree with.

1st Amendment, religious rights (especially of the conservative variety) do not matter to the "Latah County Human
Rights Task Force".