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Thursday, August 02, 2007

No Guns in Public

On NWCN I heard them saying that no gun in a public place...

is what Moscow's Mayor is proposing. It was only a quick piece of information, but I would like to find out more of what was being spoken about. I want to know what areas would be affected, etc.

I will report more when I get more information.


Tom Forbes said...

Moscow ID mulls possible gun ban on city property


MOSCOW, Idaho -- Four people died and three were wounded last May as a shooting rampage unfolded at the Latah County Courthouse here and now the mayor wants to know whether Moscow can ban guns on city property.

Mayor Nancy Chaney has asked for a legal opinion from the state attorney general's office on whether the city has the authority to ban both concealed and exposed weapons in such public areas.

The request, made in mid-July, comes after Jason Hamilton, late on May 19, killed his wife at their home before driving to the courthouse and firing some 200 gunshots into a sheriff's dispatch center. There he killed one law enforcement officer and wounded two others, as well as wounding a good Samaritan who armed himself and ran to help.

Hamilton then went to the nearby First Presbyterian Church, fatally shooting a caretaker. Hamilton fired as many as 80 rounds inside the church before taking his own life.

"Most of the time our town is very tranquil," City Councilman Bill Lambert told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "I've lived here 30 years and this year by far has been our most violent since I've been here. I think there is probably some nervousness about that, of course."

Chaney said the shooting at the courthouse made her concerned about how vulnerable people might be at public meetings. She said she was also concerned about armed citizens who might be inclined to "swoop in to protect people" in situations that police should deal with.

"We don't want to tread on anyone's Second Amendment rights," Chaney told the Lewiston Tribune. "We want to find out what is within our legal prerogative."

Currently, anyone attending a City Council meeting can openly bring a rifle, shotgun or handgun, said Gary Riedner, city supervisor.

"Unless there's authority to restrict it, under state law you can carry an exposed gun," Riedner said.

Lambert said the discussion about banning guns is early, and has mostly focused on City Hall.

"I don't have a problem with guns being banned from city buildings, with the exception of law enforcement," said Lambert. "But citizens, I don't see a reason for them to pack a weapon down to City Hall."

Chaney said that once the city receives a legal opinion from the state, the City Council might consider a resolution or ordinance banning guns on city property.

Tom Forbes said...

You just KNEW this was coming from Queen Nancy. More feel-good, do-nothing legislation.

April E. Coggins said...

Yeah, as if Jason Hamilton would have stopped to consider where he could legally shoot people.

Scotty said...

"But citizens, I don't see a reason for them to pack a weapon down to City Hall"

Yes, those citizens who have been carrying guns for years. They are the ones to fear.

Lets be reactionary to an incident that took place in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!

"We don't want to tread on anyone's Second Amendment rights" -- but we will anyway.

Another quotation I like is how in 30 years of living in Moscow, Bill Lambert has not seen anything like this... But NOW is the time to be reactionary.

Scotty said...

April - Good comment! If only there had been a law against using a gun at the courthouse... no one would have been murdered...

Satanic Mechanic said...

I saw this story last night on KREM-2. This is the final nail in the coffin of Queen Nancy. The idea of a gun control law in the state of Idaho is idiotic. This pinko needs to go. Any Conservative running against her will win by a landslide.
I hope when Nancy dies, they will ship her body to Moscow Russia to be in Lenin's tomb.

Daniel F Schanze said...

This won't sit will with the most conservative state in the Union. And people say the conservatives are the ones taking rights away from the people... wow.

Anonymous said...

The constitution of the State of Idaho prohibits this.

There is a student group at UI that looked into this after VT: Vandals for Legal Concealed Carry

-Mr. Nathan