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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Our 9th District Legislators and Business Competitiveness

Every year, the Association of Washington Business hands out the Cornerstone Award to Washington legislators who vote for business-friendly legislation and vote against legislation that would further erode the state’s competitiveness.

How did our 9th District legislators fare this year?

Sen. Mark Schoesler (R-Ritzville), Rep. Steve Hailey (R-Mesa), and Rep. Joe Schmick (R-Colfax) all received the 2008 Cornerstone Award. In order to receive the award, legislators must vote in support of the business community more than 80 percent of the time.

According to AWB's 2008 Legislative Report Card, Sen. Shoesler received a rating of 91%, Rep. Hailey received a rating of 100%, and Rep. Schmick received a rating of 92%.

As ourt district border Oregon and Idaho, we need to make sure our state remains a competitive place to do business. That is why we need Mark, Steve, and Joe back in Olympia next session.

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