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Monday, August 11, 2008

Palousitics Primary Colors

The August 19 Washington "top two" primary will be upon us shortly. To help Palousitics readers make up their minds on who to vote for, I will be contacting the campaigns of our local contested candidates for the U.S. Congress (Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Mark Mays), Washington 9th District House of Representatives (Joe Schmick and Tyana Kelley) and Whitman County Commissioner District 2 (Jerry Finch and Pat O'Neill) and see if they will answer some questions that you have.

Post in the comments below any questions that you may have and indicate what set of candidates you would like to answer your question. Please be respectful and give your first name and hometown. You need to get your questions in no later than Midnight, Monday, August 11.

UPDATE: I have heard back from the McMorris Rodgers and Mays campaigns and both candidates for Congress will answer your questions. This is a great opportunity to find out their stance on pressing national issues such as the Iraq war, terrorism, energy, immigration, health care, veterans, the budget deficit, etc.


Red said...

I'll get this started.

This is Steve from Pullman. My question is to the congressional candidates.

What is your stance on nuclear energy?

Europe and the rest of the world have left us behind in nuclear technology. Nuclear energy is much more safe now than thirty years ago at the time of Three Mile island. Plus, increased funding on nuclear research and development could be a boon to businesses and universities like SEL and WSU here in Pullman.

Satanic Mechanic said...

Good question Red.
My first question for McMorris and Mays: Would you support a balanced budget amendment?
My second question is: No one ever addresses the 800 pound gorilla called the national debt. Do you have any plans on paying off or paying down the nine-trillion-plus dollar debt?

Mattwi said...

As an "almost" US citizen, even though I cannot vote yet, I have a question regarding Immigration.

Recently I found out that my local Immigration office is about 1 year behind on Naturalization, if I remember correctly, they are just starting to work on application to become a US citizen from about August 2007. So all in all, even though I can become a US citizen around June 2010, I will still may have to wait until June 2011 or out to December 2011. That means I will have been unable to become a naturalized citizen for more than the required 5 years, on top of that my status was adjusted in Nov/Dec of 2004, yet I had to wait until June 2005 to get my green card and start the "5 years of residence"...

The Question is: Do you support the streamlining of the process of becoming a naturalized US citizen?


Jan said...

My name is Jan and I live in Pullman. My question is for Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Mark Mays.

What is your position on stem cell research? Specifically, I would like to know why Rep. McMorris Rodgers voted against H.R. 810 (The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act) and how Mr. Mays would have voted on H.R. 810.

Thank you.

Scott M. said...

Scott from Garfield.

1. How do you feel about allowing grazing on CRP land?

2. Do you support a vehicle tax based on engine size?

Tom Forbes said...

Scott, I'm going to figure question #1 is for our congressional candidates and Question #2 is for our state legislature candidates. Is that okay?

Satanic Mechanic said...

This question is for our candidates running for the 9th district representative seat:
1. Do you support the 2005 Washington Motor Vehicle Emissions Standards that will go into effect in 2009 that forces us to recognize California standards for emissions?

2. I drive a truck and if I was to get a new one next year, I would have to pay thousands more for a "California standard emission" truck. When the bill goes into effect, it will mean higher priced vehicles here and cheaper vehicles from Idaho would not be allowed unless they meet CARB standards. Would either of you write a bill against it?