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Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Breaking News: Wal-Mart spokeswoman says company hopes to break ground in Pullman by year's end"

The rumors have been flying. Now Dnews.com is reporting that:
Wal-Mart officials hope to break ground on a proposed super center in Pullman by the end of the year, said Jennifer Spall, the company's Washington spokeswoman.

Spall said engineers are still working on design elements of the building being planned for Bishop Boulevard. The plans have changed since October 2004, when company officials first announced plans to build a super center in Pullman.

The company will apply for permits and the project will go to bid once design plans are finalized, Spall said.

Spall said that Wal-Mart stores in Washington are built year-round.

“I have a feeling it’s coming soon, but we’re working through the process,” she said. “Everything is moving along, finally. We’re very excited about coming to Pullman.”
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