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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Few Thoughts from the Dem Convention Tonight

Putting aside the carefully crafted speeches and images, there are a few things that stood out for me.

1. Hillarycare is back. I don't doubt that this was in part to placate the Hillary camp.

2. Look for expanded homosexual rights.

3. Pelosi is toast. In a highly orchestrated, very enthusiastic event which usually gets cheers for anything and everything, her mention of natural gas alternatives was received with groans and murmurs.

4. MSNBC's "reporting" was nauseating. It was impossible to tell the difference between the delegates and the MSNBC crew.

5. Ted Kennedy was not a surprise guest. It had been all over the news that he was going to speak tonight. Sheesh, the delegates even had signs ready and were shouting "Teddy, Teddy!" That didn't stop MSNBC and FOX News from reporting that Ted Kennedy was a special, surprise guest. More evidence that the Dems and the TV media think we are all stupid.

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