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Friday, August 01, 2008

Behead The Boy, Big Hog Update

Some time back, a young man dropped a ridiculously large hog. The dramatic picture of the boy resting his arms on the hog's back while holding the handgun he used is still a popular search item. But, PETA doesn't approve. In fact, some from PETA have threatened to behead the boy.

"It is unbelievable what my family has been through over the past year," Mike Stone, Jamison’s father, told the Birmingham News. "It has taken 10 years off my life"...

"You should see some of the emails and hear some of the calls we have received," Jamison’s father said. "They are explicit. They tell how they are going to kill my son, like cutting his head off."

Isn't it interesting that all enemies of civilization adopt the same tactics?


Tom Forbes said...

According to Google Analytics, the "Big Hog" post Michael mentions has been viewed 1,128 times. Virtually of the hits came through web searches. It is one of the most popular Palousitics blog posts ever, still receiving one or two hits a week.

This quote from Fox News demonstrates the wackos ignorance:

Rhonda Roland Shearer, a New York City organizer who investigated the incident, said the pig suffered a "cruel and painful death," the result of 16 shots from a low-velocity weapon, nine of which hit the hog.

Low velocity? That boy is holding a .50 magnum handgun, the most powerful handgun in the world. With such a massive recoil for so young a boy, it's not surprising it took so many shots to bring the hog down. Barring a lucky shot to the brain or the heart, it would be like trying to bring down a small car with a single shot.

According to the boy's father, what the family has been through the past year "has taken 10 years off my life."

PETA: Will the last human left on Earth please turn off the lights?

Satanic Mechanic said...

Once again PETA proves itself to be a terrorist organization. Who needs Al-Qaeda when you have militant crazies like ELF, ALF, Greenpeace and PETA. When will the justice department investigate this domestic eco-terrorist organization?

Mattwi said...

Small and fast i.e. 5.56 NATO


Big and slow i.e. .500 S&W

Either way, it sucks to be at the receiving end.

Ever shot a hog? Brain shot is usually a one shot show if you can hit it, otherwise, piggy will run around until it bleeds out.

Ornery buggers too. They have no qualms about trying to do you in before you do them in.