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Friday, August 08, 2008

A Vote for the Queen is Another Vote for Obama?

According to an interview in The Stranger, the Queen fears she won't be able to grab ahold of Obama's coattails in November:
I think Senator Obama has brought out a new generation of voters that have not voted before. And some of these folks -- I know, because I’ve talked to them -- feel they’re engaged to voted for Senator Obama and then they’re done, failing to recognize the important of, he can’t do much of anything alone, if he doesn’t have a Congress he can work with, if he doesn’t have governors he can work with, if governors don’t have legislatures they can work with.

So I think our job is to convince these folks, it isn’t good enough to be engaged by saying, “I’m going to vote for president of the United States.” You’ve got to get engaged and look down the ticket and ask yourself, “Who are these folks and do I want to support them?” So I think that is going to be very important.
Yep, she's running scared. In what figures to be a Democratic year, especially in deeply Blue State, it's not a good sign that an incumbent Democratic governor is essentially whining that "a vote for me is another vote for Obama."

My daughter was over at the Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle a few weeks back and was astonished that the Queen showed up to introduce the band "Vampire Weekend" (possibly due to her resemblance to one of the undead.) As noted above, she begged the thousands of twentysomethings in attendance to vote for Obama AND her.

The problem for the staid 61 year-old bureaucrat, a big government apparatchik since 1969, is that she inspires about as much enthusiasm in young people as Count Chocula, not Count Dracula.

As David Postman of the Seattle Times points out, liberals in King County may vote for Obama and then stop at the top of the ticket, as they did with Kerry back in 2004.

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