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Monday, August 18, 2008

My "Top Two" Primary Endorsements

Here are my endorsements for tomorrow's "Top Two" primary being held here in Washington. Don't forget to have your ballot postmarked by the end of the day tomorrow. Alternatively, you can drop off your ballots at the courthouse in Colfax or Pullman City Hall.

U.S. House of Representatives

U. S. Representative District 5 - Two Year Term


Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers is a very effective representative for Eastern Washington in D.C. She has championed efforts vital to our region's agricultural and energy interests.

State Executive Branch

Governor- Four Year Term

DINO ROSSI (R) Bellevue

I know people who plan on voting for Barack Obama and Dino Rossi in November. Why? Change. After twenty plus years in the Governor's Mansion, the Democrats have become corrupt and out-of-touch. Even the Seattle Times had to recently report that Chris Gregoire's only accomplishments as governor have been paying off her political cronies and running up a huge deficit. Gregoire is so afraid of offending the environmental lobby, she punts on important decisions like fixing/replacing the Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle and the Areva deal in the Tri-Cities. Even if you don't like Republicans, you have to admit it's time for something different in Olympia. Dino Rossi will bring leadership, responsibility and accountability back to our state government.

Lt. Governor - Four Year Term


Other than running the Washington Senate, no one is really sure what the Lieutenant Governor of Washington really does. Brad Owen, by all measures, does that well. But I support longshot McCraw for the reason above: Too many Democrats in Olympia.

Secretary of State - Four Year Term

SAM REED (R) Olympia

This is not a resounding endorsement. Reed alienated much of the Republican base through his handling of the 2004 gubernatorial recount. However, efforts at cleaning up Washington voter rolls since then earn Reed another term.

State Treasurer - Four Year Term


Martin is the current assistant state treasurer and a Coug. He has the necessary financial mangement skills and has received ringing endorsements from members of both parties.

State Auditor - Four Year Term

J. RICHARD (DICK) MCENTEE (R) University Place

McEntee has vowed to reform the audit process in Washington. A worthy goal, even though he faces an uphill battle against incumbent Brian Sonntag, who has been in office far too long (15 years).

Attorney General - Four Year Term

ROB MCKENNA (R) Mercer Island

McKenna is a rising star in the Republican Party. He has been very effective as Attorney General. McKenna deserves another four years.

Commissioner of Public Lands - Four Year Term


Sutherland has also done a good job. Commissioner of Public Lands is not a job we want to give to Peter Goldmark, darling of the liberal nutroots.

Superintendent of Public Instruction - Four Year Term


If Bergeson is driving the liberals, WEA, and big labor so crazy, she must be doing something right.

Insurance Commissioner - Four Year Term

JOHN R. ADAMS (R) Seattle

Adams is the only candidate with a chance to stop incumbent Democart Mike Kreidler, who is campaigning on a platform of universal health insurance *shudder*

Supreme Court

State Supreme Court Justice Position 3

MICHAEL J. BOND (NP) Mercer Island

Bond states that "My fundamental philosophy is that the role of the court is to protect the people from the power of government and vested interests." Incumbent Mary Fairhurst too often sides with the government, especially in property rights cases.

State Supreme Court Justice Position 4

No endorsement

State Supreme Court Justice Position 7

No endorsement

State Senate

State Senator District 9 - Four Year Term


Sen. Schoesler is one of the most powerful and influential Republcians in all of Eastern Washington, so much so that he has picked up over $100,000 in campaign contributions even though he is running unopposed.

State House of Representatives

State Representative District 9 Position 1 - Two Year Term


Rep. Hailey, a highly decorated Vietnam War vet, has beaten cancer to run for his second term in the House. He received a perfect 100% score from the Association of Washington Business in voting on measures to keep Washington competitive as a place to do business.

State Representative District 9 Position 2 - Two Year Term


Rep. Schmick is a third generation Palouse farmer and small businessman whose values reflect those of his district. Joe has learned the ropes in Olympia well since being appointed to fill David Buri's seat last year and should be able to count on a return trip to Olympia courtesy of the voters this time around.

Whitman County

Superior Court

Superior Court Judge Position 1 - Four Year Term


The Wal-Mart appeal and the Fred Russell case are just two examples of Judge Frazier's jurisprudence ability.

Board of County Commissioners

County Commissioner - District 1 - Four Year Term

GREG PARTCH (R) Garfield

Commissioner Partch has proven that he is capable of getting things done in the eight years he has been a commissioner. From being a member of the Washington Transportation Improvement Board, to helping construct a new Whitcom facility, to the Hawkins development, Greg's list of accomplishments is long.

County Commissioner - District 2 - Four Year Term


Commissioner Finch is often outspoken and controversial and I haven't agreed with him on every issue. However, no one has worked harder to make the Hawkins development in the corridor a reality than Jerry. He has earned the right to see it through to completion. Jerry has my strongest endorsement for reelection.

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