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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Join Palousitics.com Team 129

The Dino Rossi for Governor campaign yesterday launched the newest and fastest way for people to build grassroots support. The Team 129 action network, named after the 129 votes that Dino lost by in 2004, allows people to create and measure their own online support network with the goal of bringing new leadership to Olympia that will start fixing real problems… for a change.

I have created a Palousitics.com account, and I'm going to see how much impact we can create in this governor's race. I have already sent some readers an e-mail. If you would like to take part in this effort, contact me here. The goal is for Palousitics to have the biggest impact of anybody in the state.

There are also groups you can join at Team 129. There is already a WSU Cougs for Rossi group, a Young Republicans for Rossi group, a Farmers for Rossi group, a Washington Businesses for Dino, and a Whitman County for Rossi group. But we should get a 9th District and Pullman group going and maybe a WSU College Republicans group as well.

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