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Friday, August 22, 2008

"Wal-Mart offers no date for Pullman store "

Oops. It appears that the Daily News "broke" a non-story about Wal-Mart's groundbreaking plans yesterday.

I heard the same rumors and checked it out with Wal-Mart. I learned the same thing that the Lewiston Tribune reports in the article below: The status hasn't changed one bit. Don't despair though. Wal-Mart is still committed to Pullman.

In the meantime, To get the straight story on Wal-Mart in Pullman, first and most accurately, keep it locked on Palousitics.

From today's Lewiston Tribune:
PULLMAN - A Wal-Mart spokeswoman said Thursday the company has "zero timeline" and "zero information" about plans to break ground for a super center at Pullman by the end of the year.

"It would be our hope to do something this year, but I have absolutely nothing," said Jennifer Spall, Wal-Mart's Washington spokeswoman. "Nothing has changed."

Spall said plans for building a super center in Clarkston are more solid.

"We're actually much, much closer in Clarkston. But I don't have a date yet," Spall said about Clarkston plans. She said bids are out on that project.

"I could know within two months whether we're going to break ground, but right now I don't have any timeline either," she said of the Clarkston store.

Spall said she has been receiving a number of calls about erroneous reports that Wal-Mart might abandon Pullman in favor of Clarkston. She said there is no validity to the reports. "We are committed to both sites," she said.

The current Wal-Mart stores in both Lewiston and Moscow represent separate markets, Spall said, and there are no plans to close either store.
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