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Saturday, August 16, 2008

WA 5th Congressional District: Republican Candidate Cathy McMorris Rodgers Answers Your Questions

1. Steve from Pullman asks: What is your stance on nuclear energy? Europe and the rest of the world have left us behind in nuclear technology. Nuclear energy is much more safe now than thirty years ago at the time of Three Mile island. Plus, increased funding on nuclear research and development could be a boon to businesses and universities like SEL and WSU here in Pullman.

I support an “all of the above” plan to meet our nation’s energy needs, including expanding nuclear power. The plan also includes increased conservation, investment in renewable energy like solar, wind and hydropower, and increased exploration for oil in places like ANWR and on the Outer Continental Shelf.

2. Jay from Colfax asks: Would you support a balanced budget amendment?

I support a balanced budget amendment. In fact, I am a cosponsor of one, H.J. Res. 1.

My second question is: No one ever addresses the 800 pound gorilla called the national debt. Do you have any plans on paying off or paying down the nine-trillion-plus dollar debt?

That is a complicated question. Yes, we must work to eliminate our national debt. This can be accomplished by controlling spending. I believe our government doesn’t have a revenue problem—we have a spending problem.

Our entitlement programs are also contributing to the national debt. Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid current consume 62% of the federal budget, leaving 38% for everything else like the military, defense, the current War on Terrorism, transportation education and other programs. Therefore, I believe we need to start looking at Medicare reform in such a way that does not cut reimbursement rates to doctors.

3. Matt from Colton asks: As an "almost" US citizen, even though I cannot vote yet, I have a question regarding Immigration. Recently I found out that my local Immigration office is about 1 year behind on Naturalization, if I remember correctly, they are just starting to work on application to become a US citizen from about August 2007. So all in all, even though I can become a US citizen around June 2010, I will still may have to wait until June 2011 or out to December 2011. That means I will have been unable to become a naturalized citizen for more than the required 5 years, on top of that my status was adjusted in Nov/Dec of 2004, yet I had to wait until June 2005 to get my green card and start the "5 years of residence"...The Question is: Do you support the streamlining of the process of becoming a naturalized US citizen?

Matt, congratulations on “almost” becoming a U.S. citizen. Yes, I believe the process of becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen is too complicated, too bureaucratic and too time-consuming. Helping resolve citizenship issues is one of the top issues my office deals with. We’ve found it can take 5-6 years to become a U.S. citizen. In addition, it’s important we streamline the process because so many companies are having trouble attracting specialized employees from overseas.

4. Jan from Pullman asks: What is your position on stem cell research? Specifically, I would like to know why Rep. McMorris Rodgers voted against H.R. 810 (The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act) and how Mr. Mays would have voted on H.R. 810.

I am against embryonic stem cell research, which would involve the destruction of human embryos. I support research based on adult stem cells.

5. Scott from Garfield asks:. How do you feel about allowing grazing on CRP land?

I support grazing on CRP land.

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