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Monday, August 04, 2008

Congrats to All; Palousitics is #1 Again

If you pay attention to the little BlogNetNews widget on the sidebar, you will have noticed that Palousitics is the #1 most influential political blog in Washington again this week. My thanks to all the "Forbes Gang" for helping make this possible.

Speaking of the "Forbes Gang," note that BlogNetNews has added some more categories to their influence index. One of these is for the most inluential conerative blog. Our own Mike Costello's blog The Pajamahadin is #3, with Palousitics at #4, no doubt thanks to Mike's excellent writing skills.

BNN also now has a 12-week rolling average, in which Palousitics is #5. Considering the big-time Puget Sound political blogs that places us with, that's pretty humbling.

Remember Rule #1 of Murphy's Rules of Combat: "If the enemy is in range, so are you." As we grow in influence and effectiveness, we will draw fire from the opposition. Recent events have proven that to be true. Take these as awards for a job well done and motivation to keep on doing what we have been doing.


Red said...

Congratulations Tom! Well deserved kudos!

Don't mind the flack from our local libtards. You have been serving them s#!t sandwiches for years on Wal-Mart, the College Republicans, Hawkins, the architorture protest investigation, and now your efforts against the plastic bag tax and exposing the local Democratic Watergate. No wonder they are coming after you.

You have a long string of wins behind you. What will you next issue be?

Keep up the good work!

Tom Forbes said...

Don't worry. These buffoons will never stop me. They'll have to pry the keyboard from my cold dead fingers. And even then, if there's wireless in Heaven, I'll keep blogging.

Sweet Tea Addiction said...

Kudos to you Tom and rest of the Paloustics faithful. We must continue on to these works as so many people are blinded by the media and need to feel accepted by everyone, even though it may cost our country its very foundation.