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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Christine Gregoire Discovers Small Eastern Washington Town Named Pullman

"I was doing a two-day swing through eastern Washington, heard about the Lentil Festival, had never been here," said Gregoire.

[Mayor]Glenn Johnson commented it was the first time he could recall a governor proceeding down Grand and Main

See? It's not your imagination that they don't know who we are over in Olympia. That sure doesn't stop them from passing idiotic laws that don't belong here.


Satanic Mechanic said...

Nice to see that the Daily Watermelon gave her the front page and the Lentil festival on page five. I wonder who the Watermelon supports for the election?
Seeing Tom's pictures, more people showed up for the chili than to watch the pseudo-governor speak. Commissar Gregoire's arrival was planned plain and simple.

Tom Forbes said...

Two numbers explain it all:

43.99% and 43.5241%

That first number was Chris Gregoire's percentage of the vote the last time she faced Dino Rossi in November 2004.

The second number was her percentage of the primary vote last week.

Now when you consider that Asotin, Whitman, and Spokane Counties were the only places Gregoire broke 40% in the primary, you can see why the Queen would be concerned about a half-percentage point drop in Whitman County. In an election this close, that could make all the difference.

Anonymous said...


She sold our water rights. Our Food Rights. Shelter Rights. She sold it
to another Country