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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Well, We're Movin' On Up!

Everyone always asks me, "Tom, what's next after Wal-Mart?"

Now I have an answer.  After over three years and 3,572 posts, Palousitics is going national in a big way.

Red County Magazine is a high quality, bi-monthly publication targeting center-right readers on topics such as business, lifestyle, politics, education, technology, and real estate though a center-right political lens.  The magazine utilizes many well-respected commentators, writers, and accomplished community leaders for daily analysis.

Red County has recently started a series of conservative political blogs that reach a large national audience.  Check out their home page www.redcounty.com

I was approached by the Scott Graves, president and editor-in-chief of Red County and Michael Kerr, the editor of Red County Washington and asked to bring Palousitics into the Red County network of blogs.  They have been following us for a long time and feel we have a high-quality blog that deserves a larger statewide and national audience.

So now we're going to get one. Palousitics is becoming "Red County Eastern Washington."

There will be a different look and a different website, and we'll be expanding our area of interest to cover everything east of the mountains, but we'll still have the same Palousitics writers you've come to know and love, the same insightful and hard-hitting commentary, all of our previous posts, and the same mission of engaging, educating, and entertaining.

Starting at Midnight, this blog will be permanently redirected to the new Red County blog. But you can go ahead now and point your browser to www.redcounty.com/eastwashington.

Thanks for a great three years, and see you at the new site!

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