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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Good Government Takes Brains

According to a letter to the editor in Thursday, August 7th Spokesman Review - "Good Government Takes Brains"

Re: "Right wing needs a heart," Aug. 2:

If the right wing needs a heart, the left wing needs a brain.

First of all, I would note that not all conservatives are members of the religious right, a fact that seems lost on Lillian Dubiel as she equates the two in her letter (conveniently).

Second, when a liberal says "have a heart," what they really mean is that they want to spend your money on their projects. If not, why would they be concerned with
where my heart is?

How I feel about gays, Muslims, illegal immigration or the price of tea in China is none of Lillian's or any other liberal's business. In America, gays are free to be gay, Muslims are free to be Muslim and illegal immigrants are free to do as they please. Why do they need my endorsement? Why do they need my heart? Why do they need to take my money?

Conservatives don't hold the moral high ground; they are simply correct in evaluating the role of government in society. Liberals are driving this country toward socialism and most of them do not even understand that. What this country really needs is less bleeding heart and more thinking brain.

Walter Litman
Coeur d'Alene

1 comment:

Mattwi said...

That's pretty good, but honestly, Unless you tow the party line with the liberals, The honest truth as pointed out here by Walter literally "Falls Upon Deaf Ears" ....

Quite sad really, Liberals often tout that they are "listening" and "open minded"... they aren't for the most part...