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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Interview with Terry Rossi

Before the start of today's Lentil Festival Grand Parade, I had a chance to ask a few questions of Washington gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi's wife Terry, the day after the latest primary ballot count gave Dino a commanding 50% to 43% lead over Chris Gregoire here in Whitman County.

Tom: Did you have any lentil chili?

Terry: No, I had to attend an event in Spokane last night. I understand the lentil chili was gone in an hour. They say they need to get a bigger bowl for next year!

Tom: With all the traveling that Dino does around the state, does Dino ever listen to an MP3 player?

Terry: No. But when he's driving he always presses the button on the steering wheel to scan for radio stations.

Tom: Does Dino have a favorite type of music?

Terry: No, he likes a lot of different music.

Tom: As the person closest to Dino, can you tell us what keeps him going through the negativity and lies the other side is spreading?

Terry: Dino is very grounded, with a strong moral compass. He knows that the things that the other side is saying are wrong. I encourage all of your readers to go to factcheck.dinorossi.com to learn the truth about claims that Dino cut unemployment funding for domestic abuse victims and voted against a Patient Bill of Rights.

My thanks to Terry Rossi for taking a few minutes to chat with me today. She is a charismatic and energetic campaigner and will make a great First Lady of Washington!

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