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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Introductory Chemistry For Nancy Pelosi

Over this last weekend, Nancy Pelosi (who is trying to save the planet) declared that natural gas (which she has invested in) is an attractive alternative to fossil fuels. Today's Wall Street Journal lets the Speaker in on a little secret - burning natural gas emits carbon.

It's frightening that someone so intellectually mediocre has so much power. It's a testament to our founding fathers that they limited the power that politicians may wield, because it's quite obvious that fools like Pelosi, Reid, Obama and Biden couldn't manage the garden department at Wal Mart.

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Satanic Mechanic said...

Of course Speaker Pelosi is for natural gas. She has invested A LOT of money into T. Boone Pickens energy corporation.
Who the hell is T. Boone Pickens you ask? You probably saw his commercials on late night TV on the History Channel and advertisements for his website. Picken's plan is to generate 20% of all America's electricity through wind power and convert vehicles from gasoline to natural gas (Liquified Natrual Gas or LNG and Compressed Natural Gas or CNG). Natural gas is plentiful here in North America. Enough of the science, back to Pelosi.
Like I said before, Pelosi invested heavily into Picken's corporation. So of course Pelosi is giving the Mao thumbs-up to America to use natural gas. You will not see the MSM ask her why she is for natural gas other than environmental concerns.
Michael is right, it does give off carbon and natural gas does have some hydrogen sulfides (or is it sulfites? ... trying to remember my chemistry).