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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Top Palousitics Stories for Second Quarter 2008

The year is half over, and the second quarter of 2008 saw record breaking unique visitor and page view numbers for Palousitics, thanks in part to April's multi-site linked post on global warming.

We also had yet another Googlelanche concerning the Obamessiah, as folks nationwide searched to see whether the widespread e-mail Barenjager posted about Obama's National Anthem stance was true or not (it's not.)

And, even better, it's not all about me blathering all the time. For the first time ever, not one of the top five posts was authored by yours truly. My goal has always been to build a truly community blog where many conservative voices from the Palouse and Eastern Washington could be heard.

1. Purposeful Manipulation of Temperature Data or Poor Practice? by April E. Coggins
2. Obama Explains National Anthem Stance by Barenjager
3. Seattle's Patriotism by Michael
4. An Inconvenient Truth: Global Temperatures Continue To Plummet by Michael
5. Another Giant Palouse Earthworm Found - In Chelan County? by Michael

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