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Friday, July 18, 2008

Rep. Jay Inslee - $4 Gas his "Ally"

Washington state Democrat Rep. Jay Inslee was quoted in yesterday's SF Chronicle,
"It pointed out that the only way we have a chance to drive down oil prices is if we become free of the slavery of oil. If we can give Americans choices of electrical cars or ... biodiesel cars, then and only then do we have a chance of dealing with this cost issue. That is why $4-a-gallon gas is not an enemy of action, it's an ally of action."
Inslee believes that the government needs to help you decide a method of transportation by severely limiting your choice of transportation. And the high price of gas is just the ticket to justify your obvious need for the government's solution to your personal choice in transportation.

Cheap oil gives Americans more choices, Jay Inslee wants those choices eliminated by force of the government. Which one sounds more like the slavemaster?

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