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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Queen of Tax and Spend

The Seattle Times today damningly skewered Queen Christine's continual claims of being "fiscally responsible:"
As much as anything, Gov. Christine Gregoire's first term in office is notable for one number: $8 billion.

That's how much state spending has increased since Gregoire, a Democrat, was elected in 2004.

Another way of looking at it: The two-year general-fund budget has jumped 31 percent, to $33.6 billion. That's the largest percentage increase in the past 16 years.
Can the state of Washington afford such increases in what the Democrats so mockingly refter to as the "Bush Economy?" According to the Times, no:
Indeed, unless the economy quickly turns around, the state likely will face a multibillion-dollar shortfall next year.
What has the money been spent on? Political payoffs to her allies, the teachers and state employees unions. Again from the Times:
Half of the $8 billion increase in state spending during Gov. Christine Gregoire's term has gone to pay and benefits.
Some of it is from her own excess. The governor's office budget has more than doubled under Christine Gregoire, to about $73 million for the 2007-09 biennium.

Oh yeah, and about that promise the Queen made in 2004 not to raise taxes, the Times reports:
Gregoire and the state Legislature have approved tax increases that total about $150 million a year and reinstated an estate tax that brings in another $100 million annually.
That estate tax threatens to drive Schweitzer Engineering expansion out of Pullman. That figure does not include the 9 1/2 cent gas tax that was approved in 2005.

Queen Christine has dutifully paid off everyone who helped her win a 129-vote victory over Dino Rossi in 2004. But does Washington deserve a governor whose policies are dictated by those special interests which have the cash to keep the Queen in public office, the only job she has ever known?

It's time for a change.


WSUCollegeRepublican said...

Is there currently a death tax in Washington, or are they planning on passing one?

Tom Forbes said...

Yes. The death tax is the estate tax referred to in the Seattle Times article that raises $100 million a year. It is a tax on all estates worth over $2 million.

It was struck down by the courts, but resurrected by the Queen and the Legislature in 2005. Efforts to rescind the tax (I-920) failed in 2006 when the libs yelled, as they always do, "My God, what about the children?!?" The estate tax goes towards "education."

SEL is a family owned business. When Ed Schweitzer passes away one day, it is likely the company will have to be divided up and sold to pay the death tax, ruining Pullman's economy in the process.

WSUCollegeRepublican said...

Figures that these coffee making liberal baristas would cry poor-mouth and take away from people that actually made something of themselves, just take Ed Schwitzer for example.

It's reason enough why we need a change of leadership in this state. Always vote Republican to keep OUR money in OUR pockets.

Satanic Mechanic said...

I really hate the death tax. Commissar Gregoire also said that this tax only applies to the rich, but what people do not know is that government has a tendency to lower the death tax limit down. Some states back east have done it where the tax limit hovers around the average cost of a house. A family member dies and the children have to sell the house and pay a big chunk to the state. One of Marx's ten points in his manifesto was to due away with inheritance.

Speaking of Commissar Gregoire, why the hell hasn't Rossi gone after her about the 9 cent a gallon gas tax after she came into power? I see the commercials for the gambling kick backs but nothing about the fuel tax.