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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quote of the Day

...they’re not going to let Moscow hold up the process any further.
- Whitman County Commissioner Jerry Finch, "Hawkins water supply: Moscow pegs water rates at 2.5 times in-town charge," Whitman County Gazette, July 24, 2008

An excerpt from the story can be found below:
Largent said the county will now assess the costs of getting water from a well instead of from Moscow.

“What we have to figure is that we’re not a captive market,” said Largent. “Now we have to gauge (the city’s offer) by how much it would cost to dig wells.”

If Moscow and Whitman County fail to come to an agreement, Hawkins would be able to drill water under the three water rights the company acquired last year.

Commissioner Jerry Finch said the company has already drilled one well, and is in the process of digging a second. Calls to Hawkins to confirm were not returned.

If Moscow provides water to the shopping center, Finch said, the company would cap its wells.

“But they’re not going to let Moscow hold up the process any further,” he commented.

If the city does provide water, Hawkins would have to relinquish its water rights.

Largent said that makes it vitally important that a water agreement is drafted to prohibit Moscow from turning off the tap.

We want an iron clad assurance if water rights are given up, that the development’s ability to draw water from Moscow goes on in perpetuity,” said Largent.

The county and city will now negotiate to come to a price agreement.

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