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Friday, July 25, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Obviously, I need a partner on Puget Sound in the White House," [Queen Christine] said said.

"The other thing I'd like to see is Hanford, the largest cleanup site in the country. I need a partner."
- "Gregoire's Puget Sound push doesn't quite float," Seattle-PI, July 25, 2008

Well, she couldn't be referring to the Obamalord. He doesn't even know about Hanford.

Read the whole article from the PI. The Dems are very worried that the Queen is off-message and out-of-touch, with her ads claiming credit for something Tim Eyman did and saying Washington is immune from the current economic slowdown. I guess the Queen figures working families in Washington are not feeling the pain at the pump even though we are paying the highest gas tax in the country thanks to her and the Democrats.

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