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Monday, July 21, 2008

Save WSU's Trees!

We might be getting lucky here. This could get entertaining.
And, the moonbats are letting us in on their plans.

A friend of mine from church works in the capital planning office and she tells me that the primary reason for removing these trees is to improve wheelchair access. What we have here are competing polically correct objectives. My own heart is with people in wheelchairs.


April E. Coggins said...

Looking at the pictures, some of the trees were planted too close to the building, they must be removed. Other trees may be able to be saved with some planning. It takes a long time to grow a tree to those sizes and they do have value. I can sympathize with some of the sentiments. I have faith that Dr. Floyd will oversee the project and will do everything he can to preserve the trees that are saveable. If part of the conflict is handicap access, then that issue needs to be openly addressed.

Tom Forbes said...

I thought "Tree Poetry" was over the top, until I saw the page on the "Save WSU Trees" named "The Fallen" with pictures of cut-down trees. *LOL*

Here's my $.02 again. This is really a tempest in a teapot. I'm sure Dr. Floyd has many more pressing issues besides personally deciding which trees are to be cut down on campus.

As with everything else around Pullman, this is an example of our typical knee-jerk reactionaries opposing any change without bothering to find out why the change is needed or how it makes things better. As Michael has pointed out, there is much more to this story (diseased trees, handicap access) than the "deforestation" of the WSU campus by the "evil administration."

All of the overheated rhetoric from the the faculty and students only makes things worse. This situation could have been solved much more easily by some calm, closed-door discussions instead of revolutionary theatrics. Chuck Pezeshki's op-ed Saturday in the Daily News was fairly reasonable, but "Mr. Civil Discourse" had to throw in the cheap shot about the head of CPD needing to be sent to "charm school."

Tom Forbes said...

Here's the most hilarious example of revolutionary theatrics I've read yet in the petition, from American Studies (of course) post-grad student Margo Tamez:

I support a campus wide sit in, teach in and other spontaneous demonstrations of solidarity for the life of the tree nations who are being persecuted on this campus. We are being forced to participate in passive psychological warfare against a precious life community on campus--period.

*LMAO* The tree nations?? Persecution?? Psychological warfare? It just keeps getting better and better!!

Oh, and I love this comment from Carolyn Cress, the chair of the Whitman County Democrats:

because we can choose life....even the life of a tree

Funny how Democrats don't seem to feel the same way about the life of an unborn human child. And they wonder why people don't take them seriously on issues like this?

Area Man said...

"Tree Nations"?

they can't see the forest for the trees . . .

sorry ;^)

Barenjager said...

I can't believe we haven't seen even one "Lorax" joke about CP speaking for the trees.

Tom Forbes said...

739. The Lorax says it best..
"I speak for the trees! Let them grow! Let them grow!"
Jordan, Student
7/15/2008 2:36:38 PM

Scott M. said...

I say good enough for them. WSU stood by and let PARD run wild and then there was that architecture professor and his protests.

It's a good thing the university is suffering on the golf course and this tree thing. They hired those crazies.

Tom Forbes said...

Someone has to go with a camera over to Avery Hall this afternoon when the passive resistance against the psychological warfare being waged upon the Tree Nations begins. It should be hilarious!! I have to work, darn it.

Sweet Tea Addiction said...

It does amaze me that many of these people care more about the trees rather than a human body...though if said unborn child could become a guranteed moonbat do you think they would have the same stance?