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Monday, July 21, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Financial Irregularities at Whitman County Democrats Headquarters

Palousitics has learned from a highly reliable source that Janice Brown, the treasurer of the Whitman County Democrats has resigned from her position. The reason cited for this resignation was the many irregularities in the party's books combined with the party leadership's refusal to correct these problems.

According to the source, Ms. Brown said that the Whitman County Democratic Central Committee has no desire to play by the rules of the Public Disclosure Commission. Contributions are being deposited in the bank right away, without the proper completion of PDC reports, as required by state election law. Ms. Brown said that she could no longer participate in those activities and threatened to inform the Washington State Democratic Party of these violations.

As confirmation, the Whitman County Democrats website shows the Treasurer position as being currently vacant. However, the latest Whitman County Democratic Central Committee report to the PDC is dated July 10, 2008 and contains Ms. Brown's name as Treasurer.

Stay tuned for much, much more later.


Barenjager said...

I am shocked, shocked to find Democrats aren't playing by the rules!

Red said...

To borrow a quote from a prominent local Democrat listed in that PDC report, "Those who break campaign laws are pathetic and belong in jail."