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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sen. Patty Murray's Shocking Discovery - Capitalism!

"With regard for nothing but their own profits, some traders are bidding up oil prices by buying huge quantities of oil just to resell at an even higher price.

You see, these traders never plan on actually using the oil they buy. They just keep buying it to inflate the price so that they can make more and more money when they turn around and sell it. The problem is, families like yours and mine are stuck paying the bill." ~ Washington State Senator and tennis shoe wearing mom, Patty Murray on today's Democrat Radio Address.
Has the woman never even ran a lemonade stand when she was a kid? Is she so out of touch with reality that she thinks retail stores exist on thin air and good intentions? Has she never heard of Wall Street, or the phrase "buy low, sell high?" How can anyone be so ignorant of the American free-enterprise system and be elected to one of the highest offices in the land? Or perhaps she's not as much ignorant to American capitalism as she is hostile to the idea.


Barenjager said...

Please, God. Please let her be stupid enough to join in efforts to outlaw speculation. Then she WILL find out why it's called capitalism.

April E. Coggins said...

It might be interesting to see how the Democrats plan to get us oil if they won't drill and they won't allow American speculators to purchase on the market. Oh wait, that's right, they also believe that we are addicted to oil and the best thing for us is to go cold turkey in order to break our addiction. Oh my, if that happened there really would be blood for oil.