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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Weird Fantasy of Dr. James Hansen

The director for NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, Dr. James E. Hansen has recently called for the trial of oil industry executives, accusing them of "high crimes against humanity." It seems that Dr. Hansen has been fantasizing about this trial for quite some time and has even written a play about it, except the oil executives are CO2 and presumably, Dr. Hansen is Professor Quigley. His play titled Trial of Century is unfinished, but we can peer a little into his melodramatic mind. The play is in two acts. Act I is here and Act II is here.

A short excerpt from Act II:

CO2 realizes that he needs to keep effects of the mushrooming darkside CO2 population inconspicuous for another decade or so, until the Point of No Return is passed. His only concern is that Humanoids may become suspicious of growing climate changes. His stolid 'friends' from Decrepit will be an antidote, raising doubt and helping stifle any potential actions to slow emigration of CO2 from the darkside. Soon they will be strong enough in number to overwhelm Planet Earth, and he will rule the planet from Battlestar Barge, which he has secretly constructed!


Judge: "I saw the movie! The ocean caused Europe and the United States to freeze over!"

Quigley: "No, your Honor. That was science fiction garbage. I speak of science fact."

Al Gore may not approve of that last part.

Perhaps this how NASA scientists usually communicate with each other, but I have to wonder if a little too much Hollywood has rubbed off on Dr. Hansen.

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Satanic Mechanic said...

I do not know why he is not fired or prosecuted for his willful violation of the Hatch Act. He is using his government position for political rallying. Don't believe, check out the Hatch Act: http://www.osc.gov/ha_fed.htm