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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tyana Kelley Doesn't Think Your Truck is Sexy

Spokane urban transplant Tyana Kelley and Democratic candidate for the Washington state legislature has a lot to learn about the 9th District. Heck, she's only been here since last August.

For example, Kelley wrote on her blog about the Johnson and Albion 4th of July Parades:
The Republican candidates were out in force at both parades. Each candidate had their own vehicle: either a gas-guzzling truck, or car with an equally big engine. In Albion we were put in the line to walk right in between all these vehicles. It was a bit intimidating. My opponent, Joe Schmick, had the biggest truck, a Ford F-350.
I wonder if Tyana realizes that Joe is a farmer and needs that truck to farm? I wonder if she realizes that many of her potential voters also drive similar rigs for similar reasons?

She stated in an interview with the Moscow-Pullman Daily News that "We need someone in Olympia to work with the Democratic majority." God forbid. Do 9th District voters want a Democrat supermajority to hit us with the 2009 version of SB6900?

You remember SB6900. It was the bill proposed by a Seattle area liberal senator earlier this year that would have engine displacement and emission fees for motor vehicles according to a schedule tied to engine size in liters and CO2 emissions in grams per mile. That's just what area farmers need when the price of diesel is already at record levels.

Just tell Tyana, "No thanks." She can move out of the area when her husband finishes up at WSU. We don't need any more carpetbaggers around here.


Satanic Mechanic said...

Tyana, you are a dope. You live in Albion, a farm town. Besides wheat, Albion main export is demolition derby cars. Guess what farmers and farm workers drive? TRUCKS!
To get around the roads of the Palouse, you have to go off-road and you have to haul equipment, hay and tractors. GUESS WHAT? A Geo Metro can't carry 10,000 pounds of hay, but a 3/4 ton pickup truck with a trailer can. Same with carrying a tractor or pulling a stuck tractor/combine off an eyebrow.
These guys do not use trucks as commuting vehicles, they are either hauling off or picking stuff up. During bad weather, guess who can make it in the snow? The guy with a truck with four-wheel drive engaged.
As a guy who drives and owns a pick-up truck, Tyana, mind your own business. What I drive is my business. You don't see me trying to go to Olympia to ban a stupid sounding name like "Tyana" do you? What the hell kind of name is that?

Mattwi said...

Tyana Kelley a true JackAss~!

I see the local carpet baggers, err Democrat candidate are hard at work wining the hearts and minds of the voters..

oh jeez, talk about shooting yourself in the foot...

And now for a lovely quote about Democracy, since the Democrats are big on "Democracy" you know:

"Democracy is indispensable to Socialism... The goal of Socialism is Communism."

Hugs and Kisses - Vladimir Lenin

When it comes to voting for a Dem, vote early and vote often Comrades!

Besides the proletariat will need no truck for harvest when we farms as a Democratic Collective...

That worked out awesome in the Ukraine, Uncle Joe said so!!


April E. Coggins said...

I received my voters guide today. This is Tyana's familiar statement of why we should vote for her:

Biographical Information

Current Occupation/Employer: I currently sit on the Board of Pullman Civic Theatre, and serve as the Volunteer Coordinator.

Education: B.A. in English, Whitworth University, 2002

Elected Experience: I have no elected experience, which is exactly why I am running for office. I intend on bringing your issues to Olympia.

Family: Married to Ryan Kelley

Significant Career Experience: My career has been in customer service and working with children. I am passionate about listening and working together to solve problems.

Candidate Statement

I want to represent all the people of the 9th District. I promise to spend my campaign speaking to you, the voters, to discover what’s important to you.

All students deserve access to the best education. College tuition rates need to be lower, and financial aid programs need to be increased. I believe the WASL should not be a high school graduation requirement.

I believe public health care should be expanded to include all people. We need to stop rising deductibles and co-pays, so we can all afford to go to the doctor when we are sick.

Tom Forbes said...

So Caitlin the Carpetbagger wrote: "...we are ordinary people wanting to make a difference."

Bwhahahahaha!!!!! She is the daughter of a millionaire Seattle radio talk show host that lives on Mercer Island, the richest suburb of the city. Yep, just your ordinary Democratic girl-next-door. I'm shocked, SHOCKED she didn't win in 2006.

Red said...

Loose change she can believe in!!