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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

State Democrats Cover Up Queen's Sleaze

Here's a shocker. The Democratic-controlled Washington Legislature has refused to conduct an investigation into Wampumgate, the payoffs that the Queen received from Indian casinos for axing a proposal to force the tribes share revenue with the state.

House Speaker Frank Chopp (D-CYA City) said:
These kinds of tactics, designed to divide the people of Washington state rather than unite us, are not what the legislative process should be focused on.
Really?? As Chris Cargill at the KXLY blog points out:
While there may not be a beneficial reason to open such an inquiry, to say this isn’t what the legislative process is all about is laughable. What is the Washington legislative process about?

Is it about opening a legislative debate on impeaching the President, which the legislature has NO say in whatsoever?

Is the legislative process about trying to force a national change in the Electoral College system?

Is it about trying to secure a new Arena for the Seattle Supersonics?

Is it about trying to ban plastic bags?

Is it about banning the kind of dishwashing detergent people in Washington can use?

Is it about naming a frog the official state amphibian?

The legislature tackled all of these issues in its last session. So its pretty laughable when the Speaker of the House, in essence, claims the legislature has better things to do.
No, the true business of the Democratic dictatorship in Olympia is simply to stay in power, no matter what it takes.

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