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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Queen Christine's sleazy payoffs from Indian casinos have state Republicans calling for an investigation.

This certainly is bad enough news for the Dems when the most competitive governors race in years is at stake. Even Gregoire's own party is apparently appalled. According to Seattle Times political reporter David Postman, the day after the story of the deal broke, the Queen's supporters had to stage a "spontaneous" floor demonstration at the state Democratic convention in Spokane. But as Mrs. Gregoire is Obama's most visible supporter in Washington State, it has national repercussions as well.

As we all know, the Obamessiah has promised a change from "politics as usual." However, James Johnson, the former Fannie Mae CEO, who is leading Obama's Veep search has come under fire for some shady deals of his own. The Wall Street Journal reported recently that Johnson received some quid pro quo mortgages worth more than $7 million from a lender, including at least two loans below market average. Combined with the Queen's troubles, the stench could be overwhelming come November.

HT: Patrick Bell, WSRP

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Mattwi said...

Not only Fannie Mae troubles, "Country Wide is on your side"..

Do an online search for "Countrywide 'Sweetheart Loans' Tied to Legislation"

You'll see a bunch of hits..

The perps are Dems, and for some reason MSM is not really making a stink about it.

Countrywide Chairman Angelo Mozilo, Ken Conrad (D) of North Dakota, and former presidential candidate Chris Dodd (D) of Connecticut.

"Now, these Senators are backing a $300 billion bailout of lenders and borrowers who made bad decisions on mortgages. Countrywide stands to gain a lot from the bailout, which is raising concerns about who else in the Senate received such special treatment. You can find out by calling your senators at 866-928-3035 and asking them."

I wonder how many people have a Country Wide mortgage in Pullman?

Unfortunately I do, but we have contact an alternate lender, and ASAP we are going with a new lender.

Check out Jeff Head's Blog at the link below:

"The "Great Democrat 'Do as I say, not as I do' Scandal of 2008""