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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sour Grapes from the Wealthy Residents of Pullman

Sore loser Chris Lupke of PARD wrote the following comment on Dnews.com about Susan Fagan's letter yesterday:

Speaking as a Republican party official, you probably know you don't speak for the majority of Pullman residents just the more wealthy ones.
I hope Chris includes himself and other PARD members in that group of "more wealthy Pullman residents." A search of the 2007 Washington State University List of Employees, Job Title and Salary database reveals the following yearly salaries:

Alex Hammond: $61,512.84
Chris Lupke: $62,872.65
Nella Van Dyke: $63,868.32
TV Reed: $89,268.80
Howard Hosick: $95,878.80
Greg Hooks: $99,576.00
James "Uncle Buck" Krueger: $217,333.80 (who said studying deer testicles would never pay off?)

Average Family Income in Pullman: $40,709

Average Family Income of a Wal-Mart Shopper: $35,000
It seems the people fighting Wal-Mart in Pullman are the ones wealthy enough not to have to shop there. Not surprising really. Americans who self-identify as liberals have an average annual income of $71,000 – the highest-grossing political category in America. So much for Republicans being the "party of the rich man."

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Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

Lupke gets paid that much and he can't even tell that the poll numbers in favor of Walmart are larger than those indifferent AND against?

Why is this idiot entitled to our tax dollars? This pig needs to be removed from the trough.

Gregg said...

Great link to the salaries. I have concluded after looking over the list of employees that some (most?) of the professors are seriously overpaid! (my apologies to those on this board who fall into the "professor" category). Certainly Lupke and Reed are way overpaid.

Tom Forbes said...

Please note that with most of those professors, that is their annual salary for working 9-10 months a year. It would be much greater if they worked the full 12 months.

Gregg said...

Good point Tom. That is really amazing. I'm seeing salaries of $120K-$150K+ per year. That is some pretty good money for these guys.

Tom Forbes said...

There was a story in the Daily News not too long ago stating that the average salary of professors at WSU was $92,000 a year.

Now, one can debate that number in terms of pay at other universities or whether the professors deserve such pay or not all day long.

What is not debatable, however, is the adolescent hippie fantasy that Lupke engages in that somehow the professors of PARD with their much-higher-than-average salaries (and education) represent the "working class" of Pullman. It's unseemly and it's silly.

Mattwi said...

LOL.. I'd love to make $50K+ at least one year of living here in the US... I've lived and worked here for ~ 8 1/4 years in engineering and the highest I've made is maybe $48,000... maybe I need a new piece of paper that says BSEET instead of AEET...

Tom Forbes said...

I'd like a job where I had a 9 or 10 month appointment or got to take a year off with pay and live in Europe.

Talk about your "leisure class."