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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Racism, Hate and Lies We Can Believe In

Remember a few months back when John McCain asked the North Carolina Republican Party to pull a TV ad attacking two Democrats running for governor by linking Barack Obama to the racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright? McCain was also uncomfortable with a Tennessee Republican ad that used the words "Barack Hussein Obama," implying somehow that Obama was a Muslim.

I wonder now if the Obama campaign will ask the Washington State Democratic Party to pull the video above that plays the theme to "The Sopranos" while attacking Dino Rossi (Michelle Obama will be campaigning in Seattle for Gregoire on July 17.) I guess the racist implication the Rats are making is that since Rossi is Italian-American, he must be in the Mafia. The Italian Club of Seattle is already demanding that the ad be yanked and Washington Democratic chairman Dwight Pelz resign.

And be sure to check out the Dems new Rossi slimesite here. It is the most over the top negative campaigning site you'll ever see, filled with lies and distortions and even a picture of Dino morphing into George W. Bush. Perhaps the Rats are thinking of including Schweitzer Engineering in this hate mongering as well.

As I said, there will be no rules in this gubernatorial knife fight, not from the Rats anyway.

Obama supporters: Is this "change we can believe in?" Is this a departure from the "politics of failure" and "politics as usual?" Do we really want someone as governor who will do and say anything to remain in office? Vote Obama if you must, but you can't vote for Gregoire.


Satanic Mechanic said...

The Rats underestimate the power of the "Sopranos". If the Rats are trying to equate Dino Rossi with Tony Soprano, it will backfire. Tony is powerful, takes care of things, takes care of his family and is the most popular character of the show.
I wonder if they know what happens to "Rats" on the Sopranos?

Michael said...

Good old Dwight Pelz. It's worth mentioning here his affection for Cuba and Fidel Castro.

For that matter, he father was a Sandanista who traveled to Nicaragua in 1988 to lick Daniel Ortega's boots.

I'd be very surprised if Dwight did not have a Che poster in his house or office.

Tom Forbes said...

Yep, there's no doubt that the unhinged moonbats and nutroots on Daily Kos, Horse's Ass, and Democratic Underground are running the state Democratic party. Heck, Her Majesty even "blogged" on the Daily Kos hatesite the other day.

They need to look up the word hubris in the dictionary