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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wal Mart Poll Final Results

Howdy, PARDners! Here's a look at how your neighbors really feel about your efforts to stop Wal Mart from building in Pullman.
85% of the responses to the recent MPDN poll were "build now"

There were 2099 responses to the poll, 1786 of which were for building. There were over four times as many responses to this poll as the next most popular poll. There were more responses in favor of building than all other MPDN poll respnses combined.

Please be good neighbors and start the healing by dropping any appeal plans you may have.

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1 comment:

Tom Forbes said...

That, my friends, is a mandate.

I, for one, am quite sad the MPDN took the poll down. In less than two weeks, 1786 people had voted to start building the Wal-Mart. At that rate, in just 11.5 weeks those votes would have matched the much ballyhooed 10,000 anti-Wal-Mart petition signatures PARD took some two years to gather.