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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Support Small Business? Then Support Dino Rossi

Ed Schweitzer is not the only Washington businessman with harsh words for Queen Christine.

Back in April, members of the National Federation of Independent Business, the leading small business association representing small and independent businesses in Washington State, voted overwhelmingly to support Dino Rossi for governor by a whopping 96% margin.

Here's a quote from the NFIB press release:
What's at stake is the small business environment in Washington and the ability for business owners not just to compete, but also to survive in this difficult economy. After the previous three and a half years, NFIB members are still laboring under one of the most expensive workers' compensation systems in the country. They're still waiting for healthcare reform that reduces burdensome regulations and increases access and affordability. They're still clamoring for a solution to our broken transportation system that will improve freight mobility and allow businesses to get their goods to market, instead of having them sit in traffic.

Small businesses are also fearful of the future when it comes to taxes. The current governor has spent one of the largest state budget surpluses in history, increased spending by more than 33 percent, and now we're facing a $2.4 billion deficit next year. If spending can't be controlled, there's only one way to fill this budget hole -- with tax increases. Even House Speaker Frank Chopp has conceded that tax increases may be necessary next year. Given Governor Gregoire's affinity for a new state income tax, small business owners have reason to be fearful of giving her a second term.

Small business owners realize that Rossi is the right candidate to turn Washington into an entrepreneurial state where all businesses have the opportunity to succeed, not just the Microsofts and the Boeings of the world.
The irony of course of that liberals and Democrats always talk about being on the side of small business (e.g. going after Wal-Mart) but yet it is the big corporations that benefit the most under their regimes.

At the Dino reception on Tuesday, Ed Schweizter criticized the attempts of current and previous Democratic administrations in Olympia at "elephant hunting," whereby major incentives and tax/regulatory breaks are given to heavy hitters like Boeing

Like small, locally owned businesses and want to "Think Pullman First," you'd better "Think Dino First."(which moved its HQ to Chicago anyway) while doing nothing to help small business.

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