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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Purposeful Manipulation of Temperature Data or Poor Practice?

I stumbled across this letter written by Dr. Fred W. Decker, Professor of Meteorology, Oregon State University, Corvalis, Oregon to the opinion page of the Albany, Oregon Democrat Gazette. We are either placing too much faith in stupid people or data is being manipulated to support the global warming hoax. Thank goodness for professors like Dr. Decker who are not afraid to speak the truth.

"One day the Gazette-Times told of a minimum temperature about 15 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the radio station at the Marys River bridge into Avery Park reported much colder, a “minus” reading, which agreed with home thermometers of some readers. Inquiring about locations, I learned the the “official” minimum came from the shelter atop the steam-heated agricultural building on campus. Moreover, the professor moved the instruments to the greenhouses to the west in the summers when he worked there. What poor practice!"

I appealed to the agricultural dean upon learning of the imminent retirement of the professor responsible. I suggested a site near the KOAC towers if possible. The compromise site at Hyslop got selected, and Wheeler Calhoun’s data got quoted daily in the Gazette-Times.

In a summer meeting at Pullman, Wash., a German professor from the University of Washington in Seattle told of his study of the records from the central Washington courthouse lawn, which appeared to reveal a cooling trend over many years. En route to the meeting he examined the site. He concluded his report by telling how the instrument shelter stood unmoved with a lone tree south of it having grown taller and wider, casting a mid-day shadow ever larger as the years passed. We all laughed as he smiled at his discovery of the cause for apparent 'climate change.' "

Fred W. Decker, Corvallis
It should also be noted that Dr. Decker was one of the 31,000 scientists who signed the Global Warming Petition Project, and one of the over 9000 signers who hold PhD's. In my opinion, if America can stop the madness of the global warming hysteria before it's too late, these will be the heroes that saved us.


papertiger said...

This post caused the one cog in my head to start turning. I have the idea that there is a humorous/scandalous/inspirational/illuminating anecdote connected to each and every one of those 31,000 names on the Oregon petition.
In the war on the climate changers, those are stories which deserved to be told.
How long does it take to write 31,000 blog posts?
The Oregon Petition is the "oil shale" gold mine of climate sceptic blogging, it's potential just sitting there untapped.

Like for instance this story, ACID TEST
by William Anderson
, the story of the EPA vs. Ed Krug and the systematic government censorship, belittlement, and harassment, of a scientist who bucked the "consensus" with well documented facts, reasoning, and findings, in opposition to the government's predetermined, much ballihooed, ecological fixes.

Think if there are only 1000 simular stories. That would keep an enterprizing blogger busy for years wouldn't it.

Pamela Gray said...

I have met Professor Decker. While a Masters student at OSU back in the 80's, I joined the Toastmasters club there of which he was a member. The group met at the Big O in downtown Corvallis. I have read many letters penned by him and agree with few (being a liberal libertarian myself). However, on this point, he is absolutely right. Go Decker!